INSULÆ Sicilian Gin

Small Batch, Sicilian Botanicals.

The first Sicilian Distilled Gin

Sicily is a special island…

… at the centre of the Mediterranean, a meeting place between West and East.

The result is an extraordinary series of cultural contaminations of different origins, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, from the Swedes to the Arabs, from the French to the Normans, who have moulded the heart and soul of the Sicilians, a creative and exotic people for its oriental influences, simple and dreamy for its western ones, kissed by the sun and embraced by the fresh waters of the surrounding seas.

Sicily is the soul of the Mediterranean

INSULÆ is Wealth, Excellence, Culture.

INSULÆ Sicilian Gin is made from top-quality botanicals grown exclusively in Sicily.

  • Sweet and Bitter Catania Orange
  • Syracuse Lemon
  • Palermo Mandarin ‘Tardivo”
  • Bronte Pistachio
  • Noto Almond
  • Ispica Sesame
  • Ragusa Carob
  • Jasmine

Making Process

After a first infusion of botanicals in hydroalcoholic solution, INSULÆ is distilled in “Small Batch” in a bain-marie, with ancient copper stills fed on a high flame, for an amazing quality and mixability.

The alcohol volume is 42% and the alcohol used is from Italian cereals.

INSULÆ is very characteristic on the palate, as usually happens in Infused Gin.

Citrus botanicals combined with jasmine create an unmistakable bouquet of scents and release notes of freshness in the mouth. The balsamic taste of Noto Almond and Bronte Pistachio, and the peppery notes of carob characterize the final taste of gin, which is round, seductive, intriguing.

Its fresh and clean taste is ideal for all cocktails and to master the perfect G&T!

Label Design

INSULÆ’s label suggests an essential, abstract, but intuitive, idea of an island: the sea surrounding it, the land of which it is composed and the sky above it.

Three different textures for each color. They reflect the shades and nuances of the Mediterranean Sea and Sicily. Three irregular lines that delimit the jagged boundaries between the sea, the earth and the sky.

A simple and symbolic language that allows anyone to imagineand build their own idea of an island.

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Journey, discovery, essence.

INSULÆ Sicilian Gin

Taste the essence, Taste the Sicily